Sophisticated Monitoring & Control for Quality Fresh Produce

Continual quality control and monitoring is essential for fresh produce. AdaFresh operates a range of quality assurance procedures backed by detailed records. All product history and all information is retained in secure databases, ensuring an extremely rapid response for any queries and checks, at any stage.

Traceability is central to AdaFresh operations. Every carton carries a code that enables the product source and growth history to be identified and verified within 24-48 hours. This code includes the grower name and number, and the harvest date and number.

Checks are conducted regularly, from the moment the produce leaves the field until it reaches the customer, throughout the cold chain. AdaFresh works in complete cooperation with growers regarding use of pesticides and harvesting dates, and operates a positive release system to ensure accurate monitoring and control of all aspects including sample checks for residues. AdaFresh works only with recognized certified laboratories.

AdaFresh growers meet EurepGap standards and are certified for export by PPIS. In addition, organic produce is certified by various authorities including PPIS, Agrior and Skal.