Marketing Expertise for a Wealth of Farm-Fresh Agricultural Produce

AdaFresh Ltd. exports fresh agricultural produce from Israel around the world, meeting the urgent need for a dynamic and mutually supportive link between quality Israeli growers and continuously changing global markets.

The company works with the finest growers who uphold the strictest standards, and involves them in development decisions, aiming towards true cooperation. This valuable partnership assists growers in anticipating market trends while benefiting customers seeking a reliable source of premier agricultural produce.

Quality Assurance, Traceability & Cold Chain Integrity

Adafresh operates advanced facilities and sophisticated logistics centers supported by SAP Business One. This powerful management tool together with a highly experienced management team enables uncompromising quality assurance, rapid and reliable customer service and complete traceability, while ensuring cold chain integrity.

Research & Development

An Integral Part of AdaFresh Operations
AdaFresh aims to be customers dynamic link to quality Israeli growers. As part of its commitment to developing agriculture and offering new produce to global markets, AdaFresh works closely with growers in developing new varieties.

By supporting this vital aspect of agriculture, the company assists growers in reaching new markets for potential produce while helping buyers obtain interesting new varieties. AdaFresh considers this to be an important aspect of its activities.