Logistics Expertise - the Crucial Key to Quality

Maintaining cold chain integrity is a key factor in ensuring fresh produce of the highest quality. AdaFresh's strong logistics department and expertise in this field distinguishes the company and is our customer's guarantee of unsurpassed service.

From field to customer, cold chain integrity is closely monitored. Growers adhere to strict harvesting schedules, so that produce can be efficiently refrigerated and transported without delay.

AdaFresh's logistics center in Israel's main international airport enables produce to be kept in cold-store until the last moment before being loaded onto the aircraft, thereby retaining long-term product freshness and quality and improving shelf life.

In addition, AdaFresh's two subsidiaries, one in the Netherlands and one in the US, also have their own advanced logistics centers that operate as forward storage and distribution facilities. The Netherlands center serves Europe and the UK, while the US center, located in New York, serves the whole of the US.

The Right Shipping Option for Optimal Freshness

AdaFresh's experienced shipping team carefully selects the best shipping method according to the needs of the produce and customer requirements, while ensuring maximal efficiency.

Air freight is loaded directly onto the aircraft at the terminal, and flown straight to the destination airport, reducing waiting time to a minimum and ensuring ideal storage temperatures are maintained.

Sea freight is shipped using refrigerated trailers that are loaded at the grower's field, driven straight onto the ferry in Israel, driven off at a European port, and finally arrive by road to the customer. AdaFresh also uses refrigerated containers that are unloaded at European ports and transported by road to the customer.

Integrating sea and air freight - depending on produce and customer requirements, AdaFresh also uses a combination of both sea and air freight, ensuring the optimal balance of speed and efficiency.